Choosing and ranking the world’s best marketing campaigns is being carried out by Warc 100 every year. And for this year’s top 10, it was gathered from 2,000 campaigns combining the results over the last 3 years (2014-2016). Each campaign gives goosebumps and is really eye-catching, covering all the factors an effective Advertisement should have.

I invite you to witness the differences and the common goal of the following Top 10 entries:

Number 10 – I Will What I Want by Under Armour

Number 9 – Kan Khajura Tesan by Unilever

Number 8 – Share a Coke by Coca Cola

Number 7 – This is Wholesome by Honey Maid

Number 6 – If We Made It by Newcastle Brown Ale

Number 5 – Live Test Series by Volvo

Number 4 – Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables by Intermache

Number 3 – Project Architeuthis by America’s Navy

Number 2 – Like a Girl by Always

Number 1 – Penny the Pirate by OPSM

Hail to the top ten videos! The works, the passion and the creativity are so amazing. These videos have million views in Youtube channel. There goes to show that people today love video ad campaigns. A campaign that has the product innovation, good material and content, really makes a difference.

You might have noticed that the videos displayed here were made by bigger companies in the industry. Whether the campaign is for big or small businesses, the key points to a successful marketing are as follows:

  1. It should be influential – make a difference, drive business performance and change viewers or consumer’s behavior.
  2. There should be a strong commercial creativity in the video, allowing brands and agencies for performance comparison with peers.
  3. It has the most effective marketing, effective people and org backing it.

I actually chose not to further explain each marketing campaign (even if I wanted to), the point of this article is to let you see and understand the video itself at a first glance. And well if you did, the 2016 choice is definitely right!