Do you personally know someone who has managed to become famous on the internet? Ever wondered how it is like to be one or at least having rubbed your elbows with one? Or it don’t matter to you at all?

You’ll be tagged as an internet celebrity, online celebrity, internet personality, blogebrity or a cyberstar if you’ll become famous by means of the internet or social media that is. This is how Wikipedia defines this kind of fame. In today’s world, becoming famous seems easy. By just uploading a controversial content, whether an article or a video, there’s always a chance to take the spotlight. With billions of people around the world having access to facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, pinterest, etc.. the opportunities are widely available and seemingly endless.

There are countless internet celebrities nowadays who enjoy the fruits of their labor online, although some of them got fame by fortune, as they say. While some really make it as their means of living since money is automatically coming after fame. The sooner you build a brand or an authority online, the more time you should work harder in order to make this possible. You have to strike while the iron is hot!

There are three (not so simple) ways to earn fame in social media, and I take it from the words of Frank Spadafora, head of analytics app named D’Marie Archive:

#1 Establish a sizable following

Fame in social media - followereThere are lots of ways to get this done and it means lots of work to accomplish too. Having a huge amount of followers in your social media account in an instant only happens if any of your video or content goes viral. People love sharing good videos. It could be a video about good deeds, controversial shots, of good sense of humor, funny, scary, anything that is rare and honest. Same goes to stories you blog about. It is hard to please everybody and that’s a fact. And people do not want to be fooled anymore, they are becoming wiser these days. A single mistake means an “unfollow or unsubscribe” button to click on. So the good chances of collecting followers is by making a very good content and be consistent about it. You have to know your niche first or expand on the accidental niche relatively if you get the first shot. Content is king and consistency is queen.

#2 Maintain it

After you have established a thousand(s) dedicated following, it’s a good sign to go and entertain your followers with new and exciting content. Some actually use Instagram to only post OOTD (outfit of the day) and become famous. This also becomes part of the fashion niche. Posting photos in a bikini also shows a fit and sexy body, which becomes part of health, beauty and fitness niche. In fact some modeling agencies hire models now through contacting stars of Instagram who has millions of dedicated followers for this. Having established one at that point becomes a remarkable authority and it means a capability of endorsing brands or product reviews in the marketing world. But then again, consistency and trustworthiness are just some reasons to have for you to maintain your list of subscribers.

#3 Repetition is key

Repetition is key

It is proven that audiences love consistency (which is why I’ve mentioned that word here 3x now). The key to keep your followers glued to your account is to use specifics – specifics hashtags on specific days every week. This way they will see a pattern of your post in that specific hashtag and will even be more excited for the next ones you will upload. If people will get used to what they see in your post, they are most likely making it part of their “social” habits.

In Conclusion

If fame becomes part of your world, you are fortunate enough to have tons of followers. You have the right to call yourself famous already. But what you should do after is more challenging than ever.

Maintaining that fame and getting all the advantages of it while you are on the spotlight means hard work, dedication and commitment. Fame rarely comes to anyone so if the timing hits you unexpectedly, make yourself ready to taste all the icing of it. And also be ready to experience the bad side too… smaller things i.e. bashers, but it is up to how you handle them (and it’s part of it). You still have to balance the interests of your followers and try to make them all as happy as is humanly possible.