As part of the online marketing trends for 2016, it’s clear that Google has started working on promoting better customer experience including Ads on mobile devices. The giant search engine has also found out that less searches take place on computers now and more searches on mobile devices instead (at least for ten countries including Japan and USA).

This would of course imply higher expectations from mobile users, and Google has already made ways to improve the user experience by providing easy-to-view, richer with direct info and more engaging content designed for screen-swipes and not for mouse-clicks.  The design is based on customers’ needs. And I’m sure the whole world is also starting to pick up this trend pretty soon.

Ad Innovations

In order to be relevant with mobile users and consumers, Google introduced new Ad experiences for Automotive, Hotels and Mortgages. Each of which comes handy and very user-friendly. Note that these three have the higher demands online and a huge number of consumers used to go and stay online for hours looking for them.

#1 Automotive

According to Polk Automotive Buyer Research in 2013, the average time car buyers spend on research is almost 15 hours. Those who intend to buy new or used cars normally browse the web to see pictures of their dream car. It is noted that 50% of Google searches for cars contain visuals. One of the actual reasons why Google introduced Automobile Ads – a new search ad format that takes you directly from google to a series of car images. You can get more info when you tap the image and even listings of nearby dealers.

#2 Hotels

Hotel Ads is now globally showing partners around the world from google. Information like rates, locations, availability, photos and google street view are still provided with searches. A traveler can just click on “Book” to reserve his or her stay on the partner’s sites.

#3 Mortgages

Most of us in the working class aim to buy a home at some point in our lives. Google searches prove that as its numbers identify the ones pertaining to buying a home. The search engine just added Google Compare in their features. Consumers will be able to browse for the latest mortgage rates in the market from multiple providers. Then they can review required criteria such as interest rate and fees, and make comparison using the said tool in order to decide on what suits best for them. They can also apply directly with approved lenders and seek for more information from a qualified adviser – directly from Google search ad.

Marketing puzzle - build with innovative ideas

The latest marketing innovations from google show us an effective tactic to grow any online business that we have. Following the trend and taking advantage of it will definitely result to successful sales of our products or services. Online marketing strategies change, what was working yesterday may not be useful today. It all depends on the consumers’ access to newer technology. Technology continues to revive its features in order to lessen our time and effort to accommodate certain requests. If you stick to an outdated feature, your sales will suffer and before you know it, there’s no time to get back on track.