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Mobile On Demand: Overtaking Desktop Usage and Traffic

As part of the online marketing trends for 2016, it’s clear that Google has started working on promoting better customer experience including Ads on mobile devices. The giant search engine has also found out that less searches take place on computers now and more searches on mobile devices instead (at least for ten countries including Japan and USA).

This would of course imply higher expectations from mobile users, and Google has already made ways to improve the user experience by providing easy-to-view, richer with direct info and more engaging content designed for screen-swipes and not for mouse-clicks.  The design is based on customers’ needs. And I’m sure the whole world is also starting to pick up this trend pretty soon.

Ad Innovations

In order to be relevant with mobile users and consumers, Google introduced new Ad experiences for Automotive, Hotels and Mortgages. Each of which comes handy and very user-friendly. Note that these three have the higher demands online and a huge number of consumers used to go and stay online for hours looking for them.

#1 Automotive

According to Polk Automotive Buyer Research in 2013, the average time car buyers spend on research is almost 15 hours. Those who intend to buy new or used cars normally browse the web to see pictures of their dream car. It is noted that 50% of Google searches for cars contain visuals. One of the actual reasons why Google introduced Automobile Ads – a new search ad format that takes you directly from google to a series of car images. You can get more info when you tap the image and even listings of nearby dealers.

#2 Hotels

Hotel Ads is now globally showing partners around the world from google. Information like rates, locations, availability, photos and google street view are still provided with searches. A traveler can just click on “Book” to reserve his or her stay on the partner’s sites.

#3 Mortgages

Most of us in the working class aim to buy a home at some point in our lives. Google searches prove that as its numbers identify the ones pertaining to buying a home. The search engine just added Google Compare in their features. Consumers will be able to browse for the latest mortgage rates in the market from multiple providers. Then they can review required criteria such as interest rate and fees, and make comparison using the said tool in order to decide on what suits best for them. They can also apply directly with approved lenders and seek for more information from a qualified adviser – directly from Google search ad.

Marketing puzzle - build with innovative ideas

The latest marketing innovations from google show us an effective tactic to grow any online business that we have. Following the trend and taking advantage of it will definitely result to successful sales of our products or services. Online marketing strategies change, what was working yesterday may not be useful today. It all depends on the consumers’ access to newer technology. Technology continues to revive its features in order to lessen our time and effort to accommodate certain requests. If you stick to an outdated feature, your sales will suffer and before you know it, there’s no time to get back on track.

The Marketing World Today: Can You Cope With It?

Advertising and Marketing in the old days were more of personally reaching out to prospective buyers. The pile of the agents in the human resources department of the company was huge and so as the training sessions the company had to carry out. These scenarios were outnumbered as the marketing today has been consistently undergoing testing and implementation to see to it if strategies work just fine. This is because the demand of the buyers change and the ways to connect to them also change in the digital world. It is easier to plan a strategy these days though, with the use of the advanced marketing software, internet and social media influences.

Based on the observation of some online marketing gurus, yesterday’s strategy would render a bigger budget on Marketing in line with the outbound sales as a priority (via phone or meet-ups), as it was a requirement to reach to as many people as possible. While today’s strategy would invest more on Advertising, Content and Personalization in targeting specific prospects, which became easier via email and digital marketing. While some of the old strategies still work to promote the products and services (i.e. word-of-mouth), companies today should embrace the latest strategies in order to compete well in the market.

Let us start to specify some of these changes I have also got the chance to experience or got oriented with (at work or at home during self-taught learning):

#1 Website or Web Pages

Wordpress blog

An All time Easy-to-use Platform

I’m sure everyone at this point is familiar with a website or a webpage. It is just the online representation of the company, we may treat this as a store front in the physical world. From HTML, CSS, PHP to WordPress or any coding foundation or platform, the goal is to entice the readers to stay and read about what your store has to offer. There are also techniques or patterns to follow in building a website. It cannot just be building out without considering the layout, color schemes, CTA (call-to-action) buttons, etc.. Making one yourself has been made easier these days, but web developers and designers will always deliver what you need.

#2 Blogs

Blogs are just articles that are posted in a website. This is where the buyers are normally directed to in order to understand what they look for. The content in a blog or an article should be unique in order to comply with search engines’ (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) standards. Keywords are also mainly incorporated when writing a blog. There are known techniques when looking for an effective keyword, effective meaning the search demand is high and the competition is low. You can understand this one by checking out Google Analytics. Oh, always remember – content is king!

#3 SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is the heart of your blog or website. Without understanding how it works, only rare luck can give you success in promoting your website online. Billions of websites are on the net now, and getting a higher ranking in search engines needs some careful and serious work to do. One way of promoting is through blogs and social media. You send out articles to blogging platforms and link it back to your website. The process is not simple because you always have to make sure that you understand search engine (i.e. google) guidelines when you do so. Note that these guidelines change from time to time so you have to keep updated, and try not to get your website penalized by search engines. Bringing your website back will be very tedious and not 100% sure. You don’t want a close encounter with the power of google.

There are tons of SEO services providers out there, some would even promise you success overnight. Always remember that SEO should consist of research, analysis and effective strategies in order for it to work. Success cannot happen overnight considering the tough competition in ranking for local searches nowadays. There’s a lot of work on board when it is done effectively. I’m pleased to refer you to www.easywebleads.com.au if you’d wish to get a no-obligation consultation for your business. You’ll be surprised with the level of knowledge and expertise about online marketing and google ranking.

#4 Social Media

Social Media Marketing

You’re Outdated if you don’t have any of these

I bet you have a facebook account. What you can do in facebook explains now the power of sharing anything in one click. There are tons of other social media platform that people nowadays love to use, and it has been 100% proven effective to market your services and products. From twitter, google +, youtube, Instagram, flickr, pinterest, and so on and so forth. People still keep on developing apps for social engagement. The more social media apps your account is registered into, the more chances of getting traffic to your website, and it means more possible sales.

#5 Email Marketing and Building a List

This is one of the powerful strategies you may consider if you would like to automate your product or service offers. You will have to incorporate a small form that your web visitors can sign into (name and email address is enough). What the form does is it puts those details into a list you set up (Mailchimp or Aweber for instance), and whenever you need to send emails about your promos or anything you think that’s cool, you can schedule and send that email to even thousands of your subscribers. You have to take care of the people who subscribe to your list. So you have to know when it is annoying or not to send an email. A good or personalized email works too. It is the same with how you tried to please your prospects in the old days when you tried to sell a product to them. So put the “customers are always right” mode back on.

#6 Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who knows how to generate online traffic can make sales by promoting a product or service on his website. You can be an affiliate of a number of online products but you have to do some registration and linking using your special ID. You get a commission on every sale that is made through the link that you put up on your site. You have to understand the niche and know how landing pages work in order to effectively sell the product online. I have once enrolled myself in a membership site that teaches this step by step. It was a fun learning and I believe if I had continued, I could be rich now. It takes a lot of time and dedication to make it work and effective, but normally it would only require that amount of effort while you build it. It is actually a passive income, as soon as you fixed it up, the income just comes without you doing a lot of work.

Wrapping Up

More and more ways are being developed when it comes to online marketing and advertising. But I believe the list above can be considered a foundation in today’s marketing world. The amount of time in learning any of it is not a big deal if you put some dedication. We all just have to follow along as the world changes. Can you imagine, these things were not even there 2 decades ago but marketing and advertising also managed to keep the industry running.

It is true that the competition is stronger nowadays but the flexibility that the advancement offers is also unlimited and efficiently made. Creativity in marketing is still highly needed to keep up and flawlessly succeed in today’s marketing world.

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