One common misconception held by offline business owners, is that online marketing is beyond them.

It’s easy for owners of traditional businesses – particularly high-ticket tradespeople who do bathroom & kitchen renovations, plumbers, painters and so on – to feel overwhelmed by the amount of options available to them. For example, every day they’re getting hit up with spam from digital marketers offering them everything from SEO to website design to reputation marketing.

The hardest part is working out who to trust!

Renovators Turn Online Leads Into Sales

In this post, I’m just going to focus on renovators – those who specialize in kitchen & bathroom renovations. How can owners of such businesses get more online leads, more quotes and – ultimately more sales… from the RIGHT kind of customers?

Step 1: Build Your Brand

No, I’m not talking about investing $20,000 for some slick marketing consultant to design a creative logo 🙂

This is simply getting your website, social media profiles and offline marketing materials / stationary aligned. You want to be sending the same message consistently to your audience. Anything else will just confuse them.

Think about it this way – these days, your website is often your ‘first impression’. Even a referral is going to check you out online, so if your website looks like it was created in 1992… you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle from the very beginning!

Step 2: Design an Offer

For kitchen renovators & bathroom renovators, you may think you can’t come up with an offer. But that’s just not true! There are a few marketing basics you can and should apply to your marketing in order to improve conversions:

  • Use Scarcity – run the offer for just a limited time, or make it available to the first X customers
  • Give a Strong Reason Why – people are much more likely to believe you if your offer has a “reason why”. This could be as simple as a business birthday celebration, the launch of a new site, the completion of your 100th project, an overstock of certain products… so long as it’s true, you should use it
  • Offer an Incentive – there has to be reason for your customers to do business with you NOW and not in 6 months’ time. Not with unnecessary pressure, but with a clear presentation of facts that if they choose to proceed with you today they will benefit accordingly. In the same way you can’t get discounts on sale items once the sale is over

Step 3: Announce Your Offer

There’s no point having a great offer if nobody knows about it!

There are plenty of ways you can “get the word out” to start attracting new sales. You can:

  1. Post on social media
  2. Email your existing database of customers / contacts
  3. Reach out to your business partners & associates to see whether they’re open to the idea of a joint venture
  4. Write an online press release & share the final article via social media (so you benefit from the online press release and the additional social media attention)
  5. Create a short video of the offer & post it to YouTube / social media

Step 4: Be Prepared For The Leads

How are you going to respond when you actually DO get an inquiry for a new bathroom or kitchen renovation project?

Ensure you and your team have a clear course of action, so you know what questions to ask… what information to record… how to position the offer… and agreed steps for moving forward.


If you use the above (albeit, very high level) steps as an outline, you’ll be well on your way to generating more sales & leads for your bathroom & kitchen renovations business… in less time, and with less stress!