Keeping up with modern trends of the online marketing industry makes it exciting though it seems complex most of the time. The development of new gadgets and software based on the user preference is happening fast right before our eyes. It keeps on changing and providing new techniques for anyone to avail. This year of 2016 is indeed a great year where a lots of online marketing tools are being introduced and improved.

As I have witnessed and based on my further research, these are the trends you should watch out for:

Video Ad Campaigns

It may seem nothing new because we already get the hang of using social channels like YouTube. YouTube hosts billions of videos with tons of video ads also being uploaded to catch your attention. While Facebook and Bing both already started offering advertisers video options, Google this year has finally got on board with in-SERP videos. Users are becoming used to see video ads and as this continues, you should expect more video ads popping up anywhere. Google owns Youtube, so buckle up!

This video Ad ranked 6th in the Top Ten Most Effective Ads Campaign for 2016. Check which was voted as the no. 1 this year.

App Indexing

Google has recently offered app indexing for a while. And while this is being accepted as part of the ranking possibilities, business owners this year should consider developing a dedicated app for their services and products. An app can do whatever websites can and it is not surprising to see that in the coming years, search engines like google would prioritize owner’s app engagement in marking ranks. This will not happen anytime soon but the big possibility is known. Google is at its testing stage so when the coast becomes clear, a huge change in ranking can be a little intimidating.

Mobile over Desktop

Last year was really a big year for mobile technology. Google announced that the mobile traffic overtook desktop’s in 10 countries. It was also the year when google has released an algorithm named Mobilegeddon phasing out websites that are not responsive or mobile optimized. It was like saying that mobile optimization can be enough to improve your ranking. It’s a clear indication that the big search engine is taking side on mobile. A mobile-focused online marketing has become more powerful this year and in the years to come.

Siri and Cortana getting promoted

Siri leads new kind of OprimizationDigital assistants like Siri and Cortana will not just act as your weather checkers. There is a new kind of optimization being introduced using them since they do searches and use conventional search engines. The key to maximize and optimize their usage is for them to be aware about your business information and details. Way to go Siri and Cortana, congratulations on the promotion!

Wearable Technology – not just a fancy accessory

An Apple watch and other released smart watches and sunglasses had set a new standard. Their existence in the market today will surely set a new landscape in local marketing, the fact that they are gaining more traction into 2016. It’s fun and exciting how well they get into our lives, just as how it is exciting to know the normal price depreciation they’ll have when everyone starts having them. How cool!

In Conclusion

I’m sure there are even more trends that dominate online marketing today. Aside from the higher costing in advertising they bring on the table, these will give a new level of chances for smaller companies to be noticed at very easy and effective ways. No guarantee as to when a particular trend emerges and conquers the market, this definitely depends on consumer preference and adoption. But having your wings ready anytime from now will let you soar high when the right time comes.